About Us

About us

The Active Healthy Kids Bangladesh (AHKBD) is a registered member of the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance (AHKGA), an international voluntary network of experts in youth physical activity, health professionals, and stakeholders who are working together to advance physical activity in children and youth from around the world. The AHKGA has organized the concurrent preparation of Report Cards on the physical activity of children and youth in 52 countries from six continents www.activehealthykids.org.

As a preliminary strategy to promote active lifestyle of children and youth, the AHKBD in collaboration with the AHKGA is in the process of developing the Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Young People in Bangladesh. The report card aims to consolidate existing evidence of physical activity behaviours, facilitate international comparisons, build research monitoring capacity, encourage more evidence-based physical activity and health policy, support surveillance of physical activity, and most importantly, promote and accelerate physical activity opportunities among children and youth in Bangladesh. The development and release of Report Cards on physical activity for children and youth have been used in many countries for advocacy and social mobilization to increase young people’s activity by influencing perceptions, priorities, policies, and practices.

Our vision

Active and healthy childhood.

Our mission

Active Healthy Kids Bangladesh is committed to work together to engage all children and youth in physical activity through research, advocacy, and knowledge translation.